Google Getting Twittered Out?

One blogger, Joshua Porter, certainly seems to see the “slow erosion of Google

” happening because of the overwhelmingly popularity and accessibility of Facebook and Twitter–two online empires which may inevitably surpass Google in dominance through advertising, attention, and real-time searches.

The amount of time users spend on each of these social-networking sites says a great deal about the influence it already holds over its users. Facebook reports that an astounding “3 billion minutes are spent collectively on its site everyday.”

It will be a direct assault on attention. You don’t kill the incumbent at their own game. You change the game, and then beat them at that one.

Google has consistently foreseen the changes taking place and innovatively stayed ahead of the technological curve. As social networking sites become more dominant in the battle for individuals’ time and attention, however, the question seems to be, “What will Google do?”


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